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Zatoichi – 2003 – Takeshi Kitano


Tale of swordsmanship presenting an aesthetic shamelessly plundered by Tarantino for his Kill Bill films. Bizarrely, after much sword-wielding and slaying, Zatoichi’s staggering narrative closes with a merry tap-dancing choreography, which ought to number among the best dance episodes in film ever.

Sabine Wolf


Zatôichi – 2003 – Takeshi Kitano

28m1.jpg Legend of Japanese cinema Takeshi Kitano directs and stars in this playful costume drama. Zatoichi is a blind old man given to gambling but has never lost his swordsmanship. Geishas, ronins and ex-samurai all battle; blood flows before honor is restored. Predictable samurai tale, but witty and entertaining.