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Shake Hands with the Devil – 2007 – Roger Spottiswoode

Forget about Hotel Rwanda and Shooting Dogs. This documentary about the Rwandan killing fields, one of the most appalling chapters in modern history, contains some very disturbing images. If one’s ever shed tears over some stupid Bollywood movie, they should be ashamed of themselves. Omid Nikfarjam


Gomorra – 2008 – Matteo Garrone

Gomorra is both a revelatory mafia movie and a far remove from the effusive Hollywood Sicilian jobs. Set mostly in the sprawling maze of Scampia, a Neapolitan suburb, the movie is based on the tell-all book of the same name. It’s a raw, violent and unflinching portrayal of one of the most ruthless gangs on earth. JJ

Lust, Caution – 2007 – Ang Lee

ang_lee_lust_caution_postersized.jpgIs there a director better able to tackle the epic forces of love and sex with such artistic justice and credibility than Ang Lee? A powerful tale of vindictive love set during Japanese occupied Shanghai. Visually rich – and steamy – with two massive performances from Tony Lueng and Wei Tang – a great start to film 2008.  JJ

11.jpegLee’s latest film, in the intriguing setting of Japanese-occupied China, wields powerfully evocative cinematography. Lee’s shots are masterfully constructed, and are not wasted on the superb actors. However, these feats do not detract from the unsatisfying plot, which is unconvincing. Lacking lust for the film, I therefore advise: Caution.  Amana Khan

The Kingdom – 2007 – Peter Berg

10m7.jpgTypical feel good post-911 propaganda churned out by Hollywood advocating America’s role in the Middle East -ultimately ending as a glorified buddy movie between Jamie Foxx and his Arabian counterpart Faris. Of course, no Americans die, only Arabs. Missable. Brian Murray

Lions for Lambs – 2007 – Robert Redford

10m6.jpgQuite a poor directorial effort from Robert Redford, capable of much more, basically serving masturbatory roles for both male lead characters. I doubt that Tom Cruise actually understood half of the dialogue he spurted out, and was lost without his muscle flexing and motorcycle tricks. Terribly banal overall, and a waste of Meryl Streep’s time. Brian Murray

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash – 2006 – Basil Gelpke/Ray McCormack

cover_image.jpgThe medium may be overburdened but the message is serious; ‘dude where’s the oil gone?’ ‘Awakening’ tackles the question of what next after the most ‘invaluable natural resource’ runs out. Stacked with harbingers entreating the viewer to consider the possibility that future generations will travel no further than the corner shop. Enlightening if overwrought.