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In the Valley of Elah – 2007 – Paul Haggis

vm_sy140_sx100_.jpgA sober, probing look at the costs and consequences of war for American families by Crash director, Paul Haggis. It’s not the first, but certainly one of the best in the category of “post-war” movies. Tommy Lee Jones is fantastic as a Vietnam veteran and a father. Omid Nikfarjam


No Country For Old Men – 2007 – Ethan and Joel Coen

10m6.jpgA Coen brother classic. A suitcase of cash from a Tex-Mex drug deal turns up in the hands of a fortuitous hunter. Enter some of the richest and most watchable celluloid characters in ages. Brilliant for it’s understatement, ellipsis, scorching wit and supreme dialogue. Thank God for the Coens. JJ

As good as the Coen brothers are, they’ve never before made anything as powerful and brilliant as NCFOM. Tommy Lee
Jones nails the melodic Texan banter, and Javier Bardem is a revelation starring as a terrifying psychopath. This is the benchmark for 2008. William Hilderbrandt

A masterpiece. It’s not just the script, it’s how they direct the actors. How they place the camera. Gauge the colours. The irony behind each shot and dialogue. But, for six Italians watching NCFOM in English was like rabbis reading an old Aramaic version of the Thora – each one had their own interpretation. Mario Alemi

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada -2005 – Tommy lee Jones

three_burials1.jpgThe eponymous Melquiades Estrada is a Mexican migrant working in America when he is mistakenly shot and hastily buried in the unforgiving landscape along the border of Texas and Mexico. His body is found and buried twice more in this sad but powerful directorial debut. One to watch.