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The Bridge – 2006 – Eric Steel


Eric Steel’s documentary examines the post card perfect Golden Gate Bridge as a suicide jumper’s paradise. Does the camera go too far following a jumper plunging to his death? Are such sequences a bridge too far? This is a documentary first about filming taboos and mental health secondly. JJ


The Manual – 2003 – Osamu Fukutani

suicidemanualpic1-1.jpgIn 1993 The Complete Manual of Suicide was published in Japan, selling more than one million copies – in 2006 there were 30,000 reported suicides in the country. The Manual, a dramatic interpretation based somewhat on the book, fails to exploit its sensational subject matter. Lacks ambition, originality and focus. JJ

Does Your Soul Have a Cold? – 2007 – Mike Mills

soul_poster.jpgThe allure of Japan, especially Tokyo, has a magnetic appeal to moviemakers. Mike Mills’ documentary – the title is from an ad promoting anti-depressants – about five Japanese individuals suffering from depression is uneven and difficult to engage with. The camera work and subtitling are sloppy and the project lacks direction. JJ