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Eagle Eye – 2008 – D.J. Caruso

Blend in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Terminator, and The Man Who Knew Too Much and you get the biggest lie Hollywood’s ever produced from the director and actor of Disturbia. The problem is they take themselves too seriously, or else it would be fun to watch! Omid Nikfarjam


A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints – 2006 – Dito Montiel

1.jpgThis powerful biopic traces young Dito growing up in New York. He and his friends are victims of the same crimes the commit; their lives are violent and their families are broken. As consequences pile up, Dito becomes torn between loyalty to friends and family and finding his own path. William Hilderbrandt

Disturbia – 2007 – D.J. Caruso

10m11.jpgEssentially Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller Rear Window recycled, Disturbia is entertainment through and through. As the teenager under house arrest who turns to spying on neighbours, Shia LaBeouf is funny, as he was in Transformers, but he’s already gravitating towards becoming a cliché. He should be more cautious in choosing his roles. Omid Nikfarjam