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Lust, Caution – 2007 – Ang Lee

ang_lee_lust_caution_postersized.jpgIs there a director better able to tackle the epic forces of love and sex with such artistic justice and credibility than Ang Lee? A powerful tale of vindictive love set during Japanese occupied Shanghai. Visually rich – and steamy – with two massive performances from Tony Lueng and Wei Tang – a great start to film 2008.  JJ

11.jpegLee’s latest film, in the intriguing setting of Japanese-occupied China, wields powerfully evocative cinematography. Lee’s shots are masterfully constructed, and are not wasted on the superb actors. However, these feats do not detract from the unsatisfying plot, which is unconvincing. Lacking lust for the film, I therefore advise: Caution.  Amana Khan


Sex is Zero – 2002 – Je-gyun Yun

10m.jpgA Korean movie, funnily enough, about Korea. College kids get their first taste of independence away from their restrictive home-life and discover the vices of drinking, macho eating contests, sex, and of course pornography. Deals with serious life issues in a sensitive way, while never failing to produce laughs. Watch out for the eggs!

Brian Murray

Wolfsbergen – 2007 – Nanouk Leopold

wolfsbergen_01.jpgGod forbid you were stuck on a desert island and Wolfsbergen was the only thing on telly. What seemed like a typical existential drama about a dysfunctional Dutch family is completely charmless and 1,000,000 % depressing. I lost the will to live watching this. So did Cristina. I wouldn’t even subject French people to it. JJ

Together/Tillsammans – 2000 – Lukas Moodysson

26m1.jpgLooking at life and love in a hippy commune in 1970s Sweden, Together is the embodiment of Scandinavian unpretentiousness: narrated with an air of casualness and humour, this tale is all the more charming for not trying to be cute. As natural and free as Pippi Longstocking.
Sabine Wolf

Savage Grace – 2007 – Tom Kalin

savage_grace.jpgThis is a true story, a book and now a shite film. A family of New York WASPs journey between the leisure spots favoured by European WASPs (Paris, London, Mallorca, the Riviera). The rest is incest, murder, threesomes, adultery, attempted suicide, sodomy. A tale of dysfunction and decadence. Only fit for a French audience.

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days – 2007 – Cristian Mungiu

four_months_three_weeks_and_two_days.jpgDeserved Palm d’Or winner at Cannes this year, 4 Months… is an evocative and grim tale of a backstreet abortion in communist Romania. Brilliantly acted, especially by Otilia’s selfless friend, who arranges her termination with the complex abortionist Mr Bebe. Littered with subtle social commentary. Definitely one to watch!

Zoo – 2007 – Robinson Devor


10m4.jpgWhat are the limits to human desire? In 2005 a Seattle businessman died as result of injuries sustained during sex with a horse – exposing a secret community who share an extreme and exotic appetite for horses. Like Grizzly Man Zoo is provocative, but more concerned with style and aesthetic.