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Leatherheads – 2008 – George Clooney

A typical George Clooney romance romp set in the early part of the last century. In his quest to legitimise American football he meets a fiery reporter, who is looking to destroy the reputation of a national hero, and they fall in love. Crap. Brian Murray


The Last Kiss – 2006 – Tony Goldwyn

last-kiss.jpgI was looking for a mindless rom-com chalk-full of cheesy acting and instead I found a really great flick. Not so much comedy, but a thoughtful look at relationships and how they fuck us up. Brilliantly acted by the entire cast, TLK is a pleasant surprise, a diamond-in-the-video-store-rough.

Cristina Pittelli

Evening – 2007 – Lajos Koltai

10m8.jpgA ridiculous chick flick about a granny who sets out to repair her past with the help of her family and an angel. By revealing a family secret she unites her dysfunctional and dislikeable daughters. Evening was such a slow and frustrating movie that one could guess the conclusion, but not bother to find out. Brian Murray

Jab We Met – 2007- Imtiaz Ali



Ali does a fantastic job developing an intimate link despite a personality clash between two strangers who meet on a train. Shahid is dejected with life while Kareena is full of zeal, living life on her own terms. Uplifting, with great performances along with a melodious soundtrack. Neha Kumar

She’s So Lovely – 1997 – Nick Cassavetes

A romantic melodrama with an ingenious indie look. Unlike most Hollywood movies with ready-made, superfluous answers it successfully limits itself to showing the mystery of love in all its ambiguity. Marvellous cast, especially the Penns (Sean and Robin) who are the very personification of “being madly in love”. Omid Nikfarjam

Lust, Caution – 2007 – Ang Lee

ang_lee_lust_caution_postersized.jpgIs there a director better able to tackle the epic forces of love and sex with such artistic justice and credibility than Ang Lee? A powerful tale of vindictive love set during Japanese occupied Shanghai. Visually rich – and steamy – with two massive performances from Tony Lueng and Wei Tang – a great start to film 2008.  JJ

11.jpegLee’s latest film, in the intriguing setting of Japanese-occupied China, wields powerfully evocative cinematography. Lee’s shots are masterfully constructed, and are not wasted on the superb actors. However, these feats do not detract from the unsatisfying plot, which is unconvincing. Lacking lust for the film, I therefore advise: Caution.  Amana Khan

A Lot Like Love – 2005 – Nigel Cole

88m.jpgI like a dollop of rom-com as much as the girl next door – but watching this felt a lot like eating your own diarrhea. Pieced together around songs from the set list of a Bon Jovi love in, Ashton Kutcher and Emily Friehl take 10 years to hook up. Pass me the toilet roll. JJ