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Tropic Thunder – 2008 – Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller’s latest comedy is a mixed bag of laughs and groans, pity it’s all a bit formulaic. A star studded cast is plonked in the middle of Vietnam, and have to act their way out of the jungle, while the script is being rewritten. Watch it for the hilarious opening trailers. JJ


Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – 2005 – Shane Black

Kiss Kiss Bang BangOkay so KKBB is meant to be fun and enjoyable, after all it’s got a gay private detective, a fast talking New Yorker, a wannabe actress who appears in beer commercials with a talking bear and a double digit body count. But like a whoopee cushion it’s mildly funny yet mostly annoying. JJ

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints – 2006 – Dito Montiel

1.jpgThis powerful biopic traces young Dito growing up in New York. He and his friends are victims of the same crimes the commit; their lives are violent and their families are broken. As consequences pile up, Dito becomes torn between loyalty to friends and family and finding his own path. William Hilderbrandt