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Body of Lies – 2008 – Ridley Scott

bodyTwo CIA operatives (Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio) create an elaborate proxy terrorist organisation to ensnare a Bin-Laden like terror chief blowing up Europe. This is what the movie should have been entirely about, instead this subplot gets lost in a bombastic and muddled action thriller, that Scott get’s half right. JJ


The Duellists – 1977 – Ridley Scott

34m1.jpgAs a period movie The Duellists is close to perfect; some of the still life scenes could have been painted on to the screen. TD revolves around two battle hardy ranking officers in Napoleon’s army (Harvey Keitel, Keith Carradine) and their 15 year myopic enmity, played out in a series of ‘last man standing’ sword fights. Thoroughly humanistic and evocative. One to watch, twice!

American Gangster – 2007 – Ridley Scott

1174257.jpgThe Godfather meets Goodfellas to tell the gripping story of the rise and fall of a black emperor from Harlem in the 70’s. Denzel Washington’s Frank Lucas is set to do what “no fucking nigger’s ever accomplished what American Mafia couldn’t”. Washington is dazzling, and Russell Crowe his nemesis, plays an honest cop in the corrupt world New York law enforcement. Omid Nikfarjam

You got to be fairly cocky to call your film American Gangster; as if it’s the gangster film of films. It isn’t – but it is a well-crafted story, brimming with plenty of classic complex characters, based on the true story of ‘70s Harlem Robin Hood and heroin kingpin, Frank Lucas. I suspect that in spite of Lucas’ failings, Ridley Scott’s depiction makes him a role model more popular than that other American Gangster biding his time in the Whitehouse. JJ