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Anamorph – 2007 – Henry Miller

Aesthetically beautiful thriller, with a very interesting perspective on perspective. Willem Dafoe is a police profiler of serial killers, and becomes so obsessed with the case that he can no longer see the wood for the trees. Brian Murray


Hot Fuzz – 2007 – Edgar Wright

10m2.jpgBritain’s most straight-laced copper, Sgt. Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is booted off to sleepyville, somewhere in rural England run by the NWA. Loaded with homages to American cinema and television, especially cop dramas, Hot Fuzz has brilliant moments (running through fences) but is not as funny as it could be –  HF overruns and possibly out of steam -or whatever jokes are made of. JJ

Speed – 1994 – Jan de Bont

Hero Keanu Reeves, plays a buff, gum-chewing maverick police officer alongside Sandra Bullock. Together they save the day (6 or 7 times) after a bomb is primed to explode on board a ‘character laden’ commuter bus. The film is packed with Keanu’s ‘so-cheesy-they’re-entertaining’ one liners. Fast-paced thrilling adrenaline fuelled ride through the freeways of LA.

Cristina Pittelli