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Things We Lost in the Fire – 2007 – Susanne Bier

I watched ‘Things’ with critics at the London Film Festival – beforehand they were talking about sandals in cinema and in California. ‘Things’ is an unravelling tale of bereavement – intimate (heart-warming), sentimental and exceptional. Confirms Benicio Del Toro as the foremost actor in Hollywoodland – Oscar contender for his drug addict character.


Babe Pig in the City – 1998 – George Miller


Never mind the enchanting sets and music, BPITC’s strength is in weaving the ominous with the innocent. Proper storytelling and I don’t even like the pig. Often overlooked due to its schmaltzy predecessor, shrewder critics (Siskel) anointed BPITC movie of the year over Shakespeare in Love and Saving Private Ryan.
William Hilderbrandt