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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street – 2007 – Tim Burton

st.jpgGlamorous costumes, great set designs and cinematography, and a fantastic dark atmosphere that’s become Tim Burton’s trademark – unfortunately comes to nothing. I don’t know why the hell he thought this had to be a musical. Omid Nikfarjam  


Halloween 5 – 1989 – Dominique Othenin-Girard

10m8.jpgONE year on from Halloween 4 and Michael Myers is back in Haddonfield for revenge – this time in a domesticated/Desperate Housewives role: skulking round the family home, hiding in wardrobes, contemplating doing the dishes between the occasional blood-letting. Domestication and daylight don’t suit Hollywood’s hardest working serial killer – H5 sees him slightly weary and otiose – which is a pity when you remember Myers’ great body of work. JJ

Savage Grace – 2007 – Tom Kalin

savage_grace.jpgThis is a true story, a book and now a shite film. A family of New York WASPs journey between the leisure spots favoured by European WASPs (Paris, London, Mallorca, the Riviera). The rest is incest, murder, threesomes, adultery, attempted suicide, sodomy. A tale of dysfunction and decadence. Only fit for a French audience.