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Knocked Up – 2007 – Judd Apatow

An implausible matching between Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl. He dumps his junk in her, doesn’t remember it and low and behold she’s up the duff. They try to be the good parents and continue to fall in and out of love for the rest of the movie. Full of it. Brian Murray


Sl8n8 – 2006 – Frank van Geloven, Edwin Visser

Horror movies are a bit like sex. You have sex in some different, exotic place, wear costumes and use implements – if you’re into that – but essentially it’s routine. The fact that this movie is in Dutch, and is set in a disused mineshaft makes it different, but everything else remains the same. Brian Murray

Iron Man – 2008 – Jon Favreau

Iron Man makes a semi-entertaining silver screen debut. From the get-go there is promise, the chutzpah and wit of Robert Downey Jr, some nefarious Middle Eastern gunmen (they’ve replaced the Soviets since 9-11) and a bodily transformation. However, IM fails to deliver and doesn’t rise above your standard superhero fare. Expect a sequel.JJ

Another transformation of the comic book to the big screen by Marvel, and like so many before it remains as average. If you read them as a kid I’m sure its everything you ever wanted, but I didn’t really see it as being even nearly close to Spiderman, whether that’s bad or good. Again, America demonising Muslims. Brian Murray

Gone Baby Gone – 2007 – Ben Affleck

Second review in as many days about a Bah-stan movie. Ben Affleck makes a shaky directorial debut. At times the tension is finely tuned, other times it’s drawn-out. Still the dramatic plot, centering round a child abduction, and a commendable performance by Casey Affleck make it worth watching.JJ

Naked Blood – 1995 – Hisayasu Sato

A very bizarre, dated, Japanese movie about a high-school teenager’s quest to rid the world of sadness and pain, by replacing it with happiness and ecstasy. He spikes his mother’s experimental test subjects with his test serum, and videotapes their progression as well as orgies and the elation of eventual death. A weird film. Brian Murray

Some Like It Hot – 1959 – Billy Wilder

Such delightful innocence and good fun too. From an era when you could disguise two men – on the run from the Mafia – with dresses and some breast padding. Add to the mischief the sweetness of Marilyn Monroe and you have a classic. JJ

The Player -1992 – Robert Altman

Player is Altman’s attempt to satirize and mock Hollywood. He’s exorcised virtually all Hollywood and what it represents in this very funny and watchable movie. If there were ever one master of parody in American cinema, it was certainly Robert Altman. Omid Nikfarjam