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Mamma Mia! – 2008 – Phyllida Lloyd

The silliest, clumsiest musical ever! I think the director was busy dancing behind the camera. I’ve never seen a thing as unsightly as Pierce Brosnan singing and dancing. BUT… Meryl Streep is absolutely gorgeous. I could write a book about her, 50 words isn’t enough. Omid Nikfarjam


Lions for Lambs – 2007 – Robert Redford

10m6.jpgQuite a poor directorial effort from Robert Redford, capable of much more, basically serving masturbatory roles for both male lead characters. I doubt that Tom Cruise actually understood half of the dialogue he spurted out, and was lost without his muscle flexing and motorcycle tricks. Terribly banal overall, and a waste of Meryl Streep’s time. Brian Murray