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Sophie’s Choice -1982 – Alan J. Pakula

If there was one scene in a movie that would encourage me to watch it over and over, it’s the scene whereby Sophie’s forced to make her most difficult choice – sad and painful, but extremely watchable. You’ve never seen Meryl Streep, who won an Oscar for her lead role, so beautifully perfect. Omid Nikfarjam


The Hours – 2002 – Stephen Daldry

23m.jpgThe Hours is an interwoven tale about three women from different generations spanning the twentieth century. A modern gay woman obsessed with her first love, a 50s house wife, desperate to escape her ‘perfect’ world, and the tortured Virginia Woolf, writing the tale of Mrs Dallawoy, which will eventually connect them each to one another. Beautifully written, acted, composed and directed. Cristina Pittelli