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The Departed – 2006 – Martin Scorsese

Adapted from the original, set in Hong Kong, Scorsese finally bagged an Oscar for his tense portrayal of corruption set in Boston. He nails pretty much everything in this brilliantly written, and acted, thriller. Leonardo De Caprio comes of age and Nicholson proves he is the best actor in America. JJ


Carlito’s Way – 1993 – Brian de Palma

cw.jpgUpon release from jail Carlito (Al Pacino) is determined to straighten out his life but unwittingly his nefarious past catches up with him through the dealings of his buddy David Kleinfeld (Sean Penn). The film follows his attempts to cut the umbilical chord to his life of crime. Great movie with outstanding performances. Neha Kumar

The Consequences of Love – 2004 – Paolo Sorrentino

images1.jpegMore stylish than Milan during fashion week, TCOL undresses as seductively as Boticelli’s Venus to reveal a dark understated Mafia masterpiece. It’s the antithesis of the idolatry American Mafia flick; a reticent middle-aged banker, a stunning waitress, a sedate Swiss hotel, a clutch of Mafioso and a missing suitcase containing thousands of euros. JJ

Eastern Promises – 2007 – David Cronenberg

easternpromises1_large1.jpgThematically, Eastern Promises is similar to Cronenberg’s last outing – A History of Violence. Set in London, it revolves around the activities of rival Eastern European Mafioso. The violence is shocking and Viggo Mortensen produces the best acting of his career – he is utterly compelling. Unfortunately, the movie never finds fifth gear. JJ

Eastern Promises offers an interesting insight into the emigrated Russian mafia and its influence on the British underworld. Covers most bases; drugs, prostitution, underage rape, mafia, chauvinism, chivalry, and childbirth. Quite a gloomy movie, as one would expect when mother Russia is involved, but works quite well. Worth a watch, despite all its grue and depression. Brian Murray.