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Lust, Caution – 2007 – Ang Lee

ang_lee_lust_caution_postersized.jpgIs there a director better able to tackle the epic forces of love and sex with such artistic justice and credibility than Ang Lee? A powerful tale of vindictive love set during Japanese occupied Shanghai. Visually rich – and steamy – with two massive performances from Tony Lueng and Wei Tang – a great start to film 2008.  JJ

11.jpegLee’s latest film, in the intriguing setting of Japanese-occupied China, wields powerfully evocative cinematography. Lee’s shots are masterfully constructed, and are not wasted on the superb actors. However, these feats do not detract from the unsatisfying plot, which is unconvincing. Lacking lust for the film, I therefore advise: Caution.  Amana Khan


2 Days in Paris – 2007 – Julie Delpy

A bit too much voice over and it could do without a couple of sequences; nonetheless this is a little gem from that French wunderkind, Julie Delpy, whom you might remember from Kieslowsky’s Three Colours: Red. A Jewish New Yorker in love with a French girl…this is hilarious! Omid Nikfarjam

Julie Delpy stars and directs in a quirky comedy that plays on the subtle differences between a French/American couple on a weekend in Paris. Take the innocence of Amelie add some moral corruption, sexual liberation and a hypochondriac paranoid boyfriend and the results are quite humorous.
Martin O’Donoghue