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Run Fatboy Run – 2007 – David Schwimmer

A cute love story about a lazy bastard who has to run the London marathon to win the respect of his son, and win back the woman he left at the altar many years earlier from the clutches of the perennial successful American businessman. Not brilliant, but a more manly love story. Brian Murray


The New Map of London

386051891_e1fd80dc5b.jpgThis is the map that all London estate agents give to their employees the first day on their job. (It started with Foxtons which endows all male employees with those little Mini Coopers to compensate for, well…) I’m pretty sure that red dot area is my back garden.

Map via From Memory: Flickr


Eastern Promises – 2007 – David Cronenberg

easternpromises1_large1.jpgThematically, Eastern Promises is similar to Cronenberg’s last outing – A History of Violence. Set in London, it revolves around the activities of rival Eastern European Mafioso. The violence is shocking and Viggo Mortensen produces the best acting of his career – he is utterly compelling. Unfortunately, the movie never finds fifth gear. JJ

Eastern Promises offers an interesting insight into the emigrated Russian mafia and its influence on the British underworld. Covers most bases; drugs, prostitution, underage rape, mafia, chauvinism, chivalry, and childbirth. Quite a gloomy movie, as one would expect when mother Russia is involved, but works quite well. Worth a watch, despite all its grue and depression. Brian Murray.