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Tropic Thunder – 2008 – Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller’s latest comedy is a mixed bag of laughs and groans, pity it’s all a bit formulaic. A star studded cast is plonked in the middle of Vietnam, and have to act their way out of the jungle, while the script is being rewritten. Watch it for the hilarious opening trailers. JJ


Be Kind Rewind – 2008 – Michel Gondry

imafee.jpgMos Def and Jack Black are the village idiots left in charge of a falling down video shop – allegedly the birthplace of jazz legend Fats Wallace. In a bid to rescue the joint they remake video classics like Robo-Cop, the Rush Hour franchises and Driving Miss Daisy. In parts hilarious but disjointed, occasionally flirts with being a cheesy community movie. JJ

Nacho Libre – 2006 – Jared Hess

10m5.jpgFat wannabe-wrestler/monk goes out with a bum he meets on the street to earn some money for the orphanage where he is stationed. A monk by day and a wrestler by night, becomes the orphans idol and saviour. One-trick pony Jack Black at his very average. Brian Murray