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The Consequences of Love – 2004 – Paolo Sorrentino

images1.jpegMore stylish than Milan during fashion week, TCOL undresses as seductively as Boticelli’s Venus to reveal a dark understated Mafia masterpiece. It’s the antithesis of the idolatry American Mafia flick; a reticent middle-aged banker, a stunning waitress, a sedate Swiss hotel, a clutch of Mafioso and a missing suitcase containing thousands of euros. JJ


The Italian Job – 1969 – Peter Collinson

04m.jpgWhich to watch – original or remake? There is a time gap of 30 plus years. Turin versus LA. Michael Caine and a band of polo necked Cockney criminals. Mark Wahlberg and the usual Hollywood stereotypes. The original steals it and not just for the brilliant car chase in the Mini Coopers.

Valzer – 2007 – Salvatore Maira

images.jpg Assunta is on the last day of her job in a nondescript Italian hotel. Valzer captures all the interlinked events during her final shift and in doing so sets itself up for failure. Everything from match fixing, suicide bombers, stolen identities, prostitution and narcissism is covered in this didactic meandering postmodern tale.