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Saw 3D – 2010 – Kevin Greutert

I didn’t see it in 3D, but I suspect it would have added to the experience. More blood, more traps, more twists and turns, and a wholly unbelievable plot. Good for blood, but watch the earlier ones. Brian Murray



Zombie Strippers! – 2008 – Jay Lee

Ping pong balls and flesh-eating strippers led by the infamous Jenna Jameson; that should be enough not to watch it. It opens with a humourous polemic against George Bush, misleading you into thinking that it’s going to be good, but ultimately ends up as a cloaked soft-porn movie. Brian Murray

Diary of the Dead – 2007 – George A. Romero

With elements of Night of the Living Dead, and Dawn of the Dead one would expect DofD to be good. There’s plenty of suspense, and well written dialogue, for a zombie movie, but if you’ve seen the aforementioned movies then there is nothing to be gained from watching this. Brian Murray

Naked Beneath The Water – 2006 – Sean Cain

A terrible movie about the unreality of reality TV. Some cynical TV executives exploit stupid idiots to fake a serial killer murder reality-TV show. Along the way their plan backfires and they get killed. Terrible as a bag of chips marinated in water for a week. Brian Murray

The Thing – 1982 – John Carpenter

Kurt Russell as a boozing anti-hero pits his wits against alien most foul. Full marks for the monster, and the effects especially as this movie was made a quarter of a century ago. John Carpenter at his best. Watch out for the “crazy Norwegian.” Brian Murray

The Orphanage – 2007 – Belén Rueda

At long last, a bit of fresh air in the world of horror! This is no gooey, gory Hollywood horror with an ultimate, ugly evil. It seems we should expect the resurrection of horror to take place in Europe where it was born. A true successor to The Others. Omid Nikfarjam

Sl8n8 – 2006 – Frank van Geloven, Edwin Visser

Horror movies are a bit like sex. You have sex in some different, exotic place, wear costumes and use implements – if you’re into that – but essentially it’s routine. The fact that this movie is in Dutch, and is set in a disused mineshaft makes it different, but everything else remains the same. Brian Murray