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A Prophet – 2009 – Jacques Audiard

If film reviews are sometimes a roll call of adjectives then A Prophet is grim, brutal, brilliant. The eponymous prophet,  a Machievellian prototype,  serving six years in a Paris jail, gets played and plays.  The soundtrack, plot, production and acting – all magnifique. Audiard just gets better.  More please. JJ


Perfume: The Story of a Murderer – 2006 – Tom Tykwer

10m3.jpgA slave turned perfumier, obsessed with making the most perfect, sensual perfume ever, goes to extreme lengths to secure the perfect ingredients. Murder, sex, mystery, and a twist at the end. What else do you want?

Brian Murray

The Duellists – 1977 – Ridley Scott

34m1.jpgAs a period movie The Duellists is close to perfect; some of the still life scenes could have been painted on to the screen. TD revolves around two battle hardy ranking officers in Napoleon’s army (Harvey Keitel, Keith Carradine) and their 15 year myopic enmity, played out in a series of ‘last man standing’ sword fights. Thoroughly humanistic and evocative. One to watch, twice!

13 Tzameti – 2005 – Géla Babluani

th-fred.jpgWhat would it take for you to kill someone? In Tzameti the protagonist unwittingly ends up in a secretive but deadly game of Russian roulette after following instructions intended for some one else. Shot in black and white, it’s nerve wracking, visceral and crazy.