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Happiness – 1998 – Todd Solondz

If anything Solondz portrays the pursuit of happiness as a poisoned chalice. The themes are often grimacing and make for difficult viewing; pedophilia, sexual gratification, anomie. Some memorable individual performances and scenes but Solondz shies away from tackling the fall out and disappointments of trying to capture something as elusive as happiness. JJ


Wall-E – 2008 – Andrew Stanton

A rip-off of the charming Johnny-5 from Short Circuit; this is a film firmly for the kids. Simple themes: good versus evil, and love. Can’t argue with that. Cute, but surely not worth much attention. Brian Murray

It’s 2700 and global warming has turned Earth into a wasteland, abandoned by all but adorable robot Wall-E and his cockroach best friend. Life is mundane until a super-sleek fembot is sent out to find signs of life. Despite Disney’s obvious capitalisation of ‘going green,’ the film is irresistibly cute. Cristina Pittelli

Anamorph – 2007 – Henry Miller

Aesthetically beautiful thriller, with a very interesting perspective on perspective. Willem Dafoe is a police profiler of serial killers, and becomes so obsessed with the case that he can no longer see the wood for the trees. Brian Murray

Run Fatboy Run – 2007 – David Schwimmer

A cute love story about a lazy bastard who has to run the London marathon to win the respect of his son, and win back the woman he left at the altar many years earlier from the clutches of the perennial successful American businessman. Not brilliant, but a more manly love story. Brian Murray

Shredder – 2003 – Greg Huson

\"Shredder\"An awful movie about reckless snowboarders. Man’s daughter gets killed by snowboarders, he wants revenge, blah, blah, blah. Use the DVD to prop up an uneven table. Brian Murray

Pineapple – 2006 – Damian Skinner

mv5bmtq4nji3ntg4nl5bml5banbnxkftztcwnju2mzk1mq_v1_sy140_sx100_.jpgBudget movie about a dude that gets hooked on speedballing, coke, strippers and booze, and looks on with a sheepishly naive face of disbelief when he ends up in hospital after not paying his drug debts, his wife leaving him for another man because he beat her, and his daughter terrified of him because of his bloodied septum. Pineapple is the safe word.Brian Murray

Boxcar Bertha – 1972 – Martin Scorsese

bc.jpgScorsese’s first feature film is certainly one for his fans and “genre film” enthusiasts. Though Roger Corman’s influence as the producer is obvious, you can see flashes of the genius that was going to establish Scorsese as one of the greatest through the film’s cinematography, score, editing and humor. Omid Nikfarjam