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The Brave One – 2007 – Neil Jordan

11.jpgI read somewhere that every story has already been told, and that is the case with this movie. It’s like Charles Bronson on estrogen and aired just before Oprah, minus the juicy parts. As my mother says: “They ruined the action with a love story.” Go and watch Death Wish for vigilante justice. Brian Murray

Jodie Foster is a New York DJ turned urban outlaw who is transformed into a bloody killer following a brutal attack in Central Park. More’s the pity they didn’t kill her and the film. Pass. JJ


Pink Floyd The Wall – 1982 – Alan Parker

I guess it’s the fallout of the vanity project that struck the 60s/70s super groups. Simply egostrokin’, proving that they can do it better than The Song Remains the Same, Sympathy For The Devil, and the appalling Tommy. Just another long music video, with a point (possibly) that escapes me. Brian Murray

Some Like It Hot – 1959 – Billy Wilder

Such delightful innocence and good fun too. From an era when you could disguise two men – on the run from the Mafia – with dresses and some breast padding. Add to the mischief the sweetness of Marilyn Monroe and you have a classic. JJ