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Once – 2006 – John Carney

A love story told through a wonderful music video. Glen Hansard plays a down in the dumps busker/hoover repairer trying to make it as a singer song writer. While busking in Dublin he meets Markéta Irglová, a young Czech mother. Together they embark on a funny and uplifting stuggle to put their lives right. JJ


The Commitments – 1991 – Alan Parker

46m.jpg Is this the one Irish movie everyone should see? Probably, although you mightn’t have a clue what most of the cast are saying? Eleven wannabe musicians are plucked off the streets of Dublin to form a band. This is what dreams were like before X-Factor. It’s got soul! Uber-Funny.

Adam and Paul – Leonard Abrahamson – 2004

poster.jpgTwo junkie friends trudge round their native Dublin, desperately trying to live out another day in their peripatetic existences. Understated and unsentimental this drama shows the other side of the shiny capital. The two leads are well acted – studded with humour, pathos and tragedy.