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The Savages – 2007 – Tamara Jenkins

savagesWhen Lenny Savage’s wife dies, he is thrust upon his two wayward, screwed up children. By then the family has grown apart and resentment is all that remains in this tragi-comedy. However, his kids, played excellently by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney are forced to overcome their resentment and finally start living like adults. JJ


Couscous – 2007 – Abdel Kechiche

Much in the vein of Arau’s Like Water for Chocolate and Hallstrom’s Chocolat, but deeper, livelier, and much darker. One can’t help feeling that Tunisian-born Kechiche thinks that all is futile. This is an uncut diamond. A new cut and 30 minutes less wouldn’t hurt this a bit. Omid Nikfarjam

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 2008 – Steven Spielberg

Calling all Hollywood stereotypes! All-American hero fights evil Russians with funny accents, check. Gets the girl of his dreams, check. Solves the mystery and saves his friends – all without breaking a sweat – or losing his hat, check check check! Perfect – if you’re in the mood for some cheap thrills. Cristina Pittelli

Spielberg has done this the old-fashioned way and the texture and color of the film are a testimony to this. Indy looks for a crystal skull that would gives supreme power. Brace yourselves for a close encounter of the 4th kind! Omid Nikfarjam

Adventures rarely beget the levels of fantasy in an Indiana Jones escapade. Despite the sluggish start it does pick up when the swashbuckling hits the jungle. However, I can’t help feeling that it was a cynical exercise by Spielberg, more interested in keeping the franchise alive than making a fine Indy adventure.JJ

Rang de Basanti – 2006 – Rakesh Omprakash Mehra

Five friends, who are revolutionary fighters, are caught up in the battle to free India from the British Raj in the 1920s. They extend the struggle to fight corruption and for a new and better way of life. A very powerful movie. Neha Kumar

Vivah – 2006 – Sooraj R. Barjatya

A simple, honest and graceful movie. While some may complain that this movie is sickly sentimental, I thought it beautifully reflects India’s culture and traditions in a touching manner. Maybe women would enjoy this more than men as it’s a regular family drama! Neha Kumar

Welcome – 2007 – Aneez Bazmee

Welcome is a rubbish comedy, which inexplicably topped the box office charts. Am I completely wrong, or is there something seriously something wrong with our Bollywood audience, who are willing to endorse a nonsense film like this? Welcome is guilty of gross overacting and nothing seems natural about this movie. It simply sucks! Neha Kumar

Cría Cuervos – 1976 – Carlos Saura

10m1.jpgA childhood tale set in 1970s Spain, Cría Cuervos is seen through the eyes of a disturbed little girl (Ana Torrent), who, seamlessly switching between reality and her morbid imagination, looks at the world around her as one of decay (a terminally ill regime) and death. Franco wouldn’t have liked this film. Sabine Wolf