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A Prophet – 2009 – Jacques Audiard

If film reviews are sometimes a roll call of adjectives then A Prophet is grim, brutal, brilliant. The eponymous prophet,  a Machievellian prototype,  serving six years in a Paris jail, gets played and plays.  The soundtrack, plot, production and acting – all magnifique. Audiard just gets better.  More please. JJ


Gone Baby Gone – 2007 – Ben Affleck

Second review in as many days about a Bah-stan movie. Ben Affleck makes a shaky directorial debut. At times the tension is finely tuned, other times it’s drawn-out. Still the dramatic plot, centering round a child abduction, and a commendable performance by Casey Affleck make it worth watching.JJ

The Departed – 2006 – Martin Scorsese

Adapted from the original, set in Hong Kong, Scorsese finally bagged an Oscar for his tense portrayal of corruption set in Boston. He nails pretty much everything in this brilliantly written, and acted, thriller. Leonardo De Caprio comes of age and Nicholson proves he is the best actor in America. JJ

Carlito’s Way – 1993 – Brian de Palma

cw.jpgUpon release from jail Carlito (Al Pacino) is determined to straighten out his life but unwittingly his nefarious past catches up with him through the dealings of his buddy David Kleinfeld (Sean Penn). The film follows his attempts to cut the umbilical chord to his life of crime. Great movie with outstanding performances. Neha Kumar

Strangers – 2007 – Aanand Rai

1628_main.jpgAn engaging and unusual Bollywood movie thriller about two strangers, who meet on a train and discuss their problematic personal lives, prompting them to plan a murder. The plot unfolds to reveal the secret behind the plan. No dancing around the trees, if that’s what you are looking for! Neha Kumar

Invasor, O – 2002 – Beto Brant

32m.jpgInvasor, O (The Trespasser) has a grotesque plot similar to ‘Amores Perros’, it’s a caustic satire of the new Brazilian social climbers encapsulated in a tragically realistic story. Hiring a killer is always more complicated than you could ever imagine. Hit man Anísio (Paulo Miklos) is terrific.

Mario Alemi

David Simon – the man who remoulded Baltimore

Given the weekend with a little time to read, Atlantic Monthly profiles the creator of HBO series The Wire (now in its final season). It is one of the most critically acclaimed shows ever to make it to television – it’s gritty, cynical, clever, vicious, myopic and compelling. Creator and former hack David Simon is more or less the same. Well worth reading.