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Airplane! – 1980 – J. Abrahams and D. Zucker

Never saw it till Leslie Nielson died. Before this movie, Leslie was an unsuccessful dramatic actor but this role redefined his career. I assumed the humor would be dated. Wrong! There are too many great one-liners to list. If you’re a diehard comedy-fan, then you should love this one. Bill Hill


Vicky Cristina Barcelona – 2008 – Woody Allen

vcbAn unconvincing and largely unfunny comedy, if only Woody Allen would stop and be content with the canon of work he has created. It was good when it was in New York, sometimes it was great – Bullets Over Broadway. But a muse doesn’t make a movie, even if she is drop dead gorgeous. JJ

In Bruges – 2008 – Martin McDonagh

Two Irish hit men waiting for the call that will tell them about their next job; turns out it’s no ordinary job. Very funny and witty and bitter, In Bruges is about friendship and sticking to principles. Oh, just in case you don’t know, “fucking Bruges is in Belgium!” Omid Nikfarjam

Some great lines in this black comedy that kick political correctness in the nuts. Good to see Colin Farrell act within his expertise and avoid Hollywood temptations, that’s if they even come knocking any more. I think Martin McDonagh will outweigh and outlast Guy Ritchie if he continues with this form. JJ

Superbad – 2007 – Greg Mottola

A very funny high school movie with McLouvin, the greatest character since Stiffler. McLouvin is entrusted with the responsibility of buying the booze for a party with the jocks when a robbery of the booze shop turns his life from bad to superbad. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera make up a great pair of idiot geeks. Brian Murray

Tropic Thunder – 2008 – Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller’s latest comedy is a mixed bag of laughs and groans, pity it’s all a bit formulaic. A star studded cast is plonked in the middle of Vietnam, and have to act their way out of the jungle, while the script is being rewritten. Watch it for the hilarious opening trailers. JJ

Jules et Jim – 1962 – François Truffaut

After watching this bizarre love triangle I was surprised that Catherine, the female tempest, wasn’t given a title credit. Interesting also to note how much Amélie, the most successful French film of the last decade, mimicked the quirkiness and playfulness of this entertaining and intriguing gem. JJ

Dan in Real Life – 2007 – Peter Hedges

Starring Steve Carell as an ‘Agony Uncle’ – who dishes out tales of caution and morality – as a single parent. He falls for his brother’s girlfriend, falls foul of his siblings, and children, and realizes that he is not the perfect person, or parent that he always wrote about in his column. There’s a moral in there somewhere. Brian Murray