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The Fighter – 2010 – David O. Russell

A working class boxer beset by his working class family tries to succeed in the world of professional boxing despite his crack addict-trainer brother who once knocked out Sugar Ray. Based on a true story. Brian Murray

When I think boxing and movies it goes something like “den-nen den, den-nen den” followed by running up the steps of that Museum in Philly in a tracksuit – not crack and Massachusetts white trash. Sweet camera work, great cast and punching. Poi-fect. JJ


Harsh Times – 2005 – David Ayer

10m5.jpgFormer US soldier (Christian Bale), looking for work in LA, is tormented by memories of the war in Iraq. After American Psycho and The Machinist, Bale returns with another electrifying performance. Despite this, director David Ayer is unable to repeat the success of the Oscar winning Training Day. Omid Nikfarjam

The Prestige – 2006 – Christopher Nolan

10m-1.jpgAn above average slice of Victorian pie. Rival magicians vie to create the ultimate magic trick, no holds barred. A lack of cohesiveness, with all involved appearing to aim for a different kind of movie, lets this otherwise good bit of fun down.
Sam Potts