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Happy-Go-Lucky – 2008 – Mike Leigh

This is so unlike Mike Leigh’s previous work. It’s also the best British feel-good movie in a while, but somewhere underneath Leigh’s dark and ironic tone definitely lurking. Sally Hawkins in the lead role is so delightful, and Eddie Marsan gives a great performance. Omid Nikfarjam


Peeping Tom – 1960 – Michael Powell

peep.gifA psychological thriller about a scoptophiliac who literally makes his victims, all women, see their own deaths. He lives with and through his 16mm camera, becoming one with it. Quite ingenious, considering the year it was made, and a creepy story. God bless the British Powell & Pressburger! Omid Nikfarjam

London to Brighton – 2006 – Paul Andrew Williams

10m1.jpgA grimy British movie about seedy underworld gangs, prostitution, and how easy it is to fall prey to it all. A crime boss with a Lolita-complex gets fatally injured in a shag-gone-wrong, and the girls run off to Brighton, only to be followed by his son, his henchmen, and her own pimp’s heavies. Gloomy, but not bad.

Brian Murray