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The Town – 2010 – Ben Affleck

I half wonder if Ben Affleck sees himself as filling the boots of Clint Eastwood. Back once again in Boston, Affleck is the brains behind a crew of successful Charlestown bank robbers but he wants out. Cue the girl, a “fahmah hastage.” One of 2010’s better omlettes. JJ


Gone Baby Gone – 2007 – Ben Affleck

Second review in as many days about a Bah-stan movie. Ben Affleck makes a shaky directorial debut. At times the tension is finely tuned, other times it’s drawn-out. Still the dramatic plot, centering round a child abduction, and a commendable performance by Casey Affleck make it worth watching.JJ

Smokin’ Aces – 2006 – Joe Carnahan

Convoluted and trashy, there are more hit squads in Smokin’ Aces than Baghdad – all with the mission to knock off out of favour Mafia entertainer Buddy ‘Aces’ Israel. Desperately tries to marry style and violence while imitating movies such as Mad Max, Sin City, Lock Stock, Oceans 11-13, but, despite the glut of talent ends up in a rubbish heap.