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Exit Through the Gift Shop – 2010 – Banksy?

For his latest piece Banksy has created an ‘artist’. And he’s shit, but that’s hardly the point. As maddening as this film might be for an artist with something worth painting, it’s worth looking at for shits, giggles and post-modern moans. JJ


Wild Style – 1983 – Charlie Ahearn

I’m tentative when it comes to cult classics because they can be more disappointing than New Year’s celebrations. Wild Style is however, enjoyable; the acting is awful, but it has the effect of buttressing the street cred of the ramshackle street artists and the music alone makes it worth watching, JJ

The Thomas Crown Affair – 1999 – John McTiernan


Pierce Brosnan plays the eponymous mega millionaire art thief Thomas Crown – a suave gentleman who likes his paintings like his women: old. Renne Russo stars opposite in this re-made glitzy, romantic cat-and-mouse thriller. Next installment due in 2008.