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SiCKO – 2007 – Michael Moore

In America it seems everything has a price so why not health? In Sicko the maelstrom that is Michael Moore Inc. tackles the hugely profitable (and deathly) U.S. health care system. As with all Moore films it’s: polemical, farcical, funny, poignant, teary, melodramatic, but shows signs of a mellowing Moore too.


The Breakfast Club – 1985 – John Hughes

breakfast_club.jpg“In the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions,” it’s 1980s American high school: jock, princess, loner, nerd and rebel. Nary a better line in cinematic history than: “Shut up bitch! Go fix me a turkey pot pie!” The 80s were Hughes’s golden era and this was his magnum opus.
William Hilderbrandt