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Pink Floyd The Wall – 1982 – Alan Parker

I guess it’s the fallout of the vanity project that struck the 60s/70s super groups. Simply egostrokin’, proving that they can do it better than The Song Remains the Same, Sympathy For The Devil, and the appalling Tommy. Just another long music video, with a point (possibly) that escapes me. Brian Murray


The Life of David Gale – 2003 – Alan Parker

06m.jpgA clever ‘whodunnit’ – TLoDG is part thriller, part didactic morality tale; the demise of a learned man (Kevin Spacey), the iniquitousness of capital punishment (Texas), but why do ‘fictional’ reporters have such rubbish screen names – Bitsey Bloom (Kate Winslet)? JJ

The Commitments – 1991 – Alan Parker

46m.jpg Is this the one Irish movie everyone should see? Probably, although you mightn’t have a clue what most of the cast are saying? Eleven wannabe musicians are plucked off the streets of Dublin to form a band. This is what dreams were like before X-Factor. It’s got soul! Uber-Funny.