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Bewoulf – 2007 – Robert Zemeckis

bw.jpgSemi-animated tripe with the ever-beautiful Jolie in the wrath-of-the-witch role. Apart from that, a pointless re-enactment of the classic novel; your time and money would be better spent getting the Penguin Classics’ version and reading it. Brian Murray


Collateral – 2004 – Michael Mann

1.jpgMichael Mann is one of the few directors who can make action movies look sexy and artsy. The man knows how to put foot to ass. From the classic Heat or the more recent Miami Vice, he blends music, form and structure into a fluid, complex plot. Collateral is no exception. WH

Forced Vengeance – 1982 – James Fargo

88m.jpgChuck Norris, need I say more. Hired as a heavy for a casino in Macau, the family he works for are all murdered bar one, the swinger daughter. He’s forced into vengeance, albeit reluctantly. Some hilarious narratives by Chuck himself.

Brian Murray

Con Air – 1997 – Simon West

conair-poster1.jpgMalkovich, Rhames, Cusack, Buscemi, Cage and Chappelle. Rife with testosterone, bad asses and intentional over-acting, this film is the Lord’s gift to those of us who love tasteless action. “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I have the only gun on board. Welcome to Con Air.”
William Hilderbrandt

Shadow Man – 2006 – Michael Keusch

Steven Segal plays a larger than life Steven Segal. The ageing action hero is under siege from his expanding waistline. The former contender for ‘World’s Greatest Action Man’ moves less than he talks now – which is a pity – really. This bad action movie is the worst in Segal’s incredible canon – really.