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Gomorra – 2008 – Matteo Garrone

Gomorra is both a revelatory mafia movie and a far remove from the effusive Hollywood Sicilian jobs. Set mostly in the sprawling maze of Scampia, a Neapolitan suburb, the movie is based on the tell-all book of the same name. It’s a raw, violent and unflinching portrayal of one of the most ruthless gangs on earth. JJ


Mother of Tears – 2007 – Dario Argento

The third installment of the Three Mothers trilogy by Dario Argento, the true stepfather of Eli Roth, Rob Zombie and the rest of the gornography gang, is spectacularly bad. And I mean bad in every way; acting, story, dialogue. You must, like me, have this crazy thing for horrors to watch this to the end! Omid Nikfarjam

Happiness – 1998 – Todd Solondz

If anything Solondz portrays the pursuit of happiness as a poisoned chalice. The themes are often grimacing and make for difficult viewing; pedophilia, sexual gratification, anomie. Some memorable individual performances and scenes but Solondz shies away from tackling the fall out and disappointments of trying to capture something as elusive as happiness. JJ

The Lookout – 2007 – Scott Frank

High school jock Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) suffers memory loss and loses two of his best friends after ploughing his car into a combine harvester. Wracked with guilt and self pity his life is worthless. Redemption comes from an unlikely source. At best a supermarket ready meal type of movie. JJ