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Bolt – 2008 – Howard & Williams

walt_disney_s_bolt_movie_image__1_1An animation that seems suspiciously similar to Toy Story, but is nowhere near as good. A superhero dog thinks he’s really real, but after a trip to the big city he realises he’s really not. Then he has to save his leading lady, so is he really a hero? You’ll have to wait and see! Brian Murray


Body of Lies – 2008 – Ridley Scott

bodyTwo CIA operatives (Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio) create an elaborate proxy terrorist organisation to ensnare a Bin-Laden like terror chief blowing up Europe. This is what the movie should have been entirely about, instead this subplot gets lost in a bombastic and muddled action thriller, that Scott get’s half right. JJ

Taken – 2008 – Pierre Morel

taken-20081Liam Neeson is a dad on a mission to save his teenage daughter who is befriended by a cute French man, kidnapped by greasy haired Albanians, sold to a devious but polite capitalist and auctioned as a sex slave to gluttonous Arabs. Everyone in Paris speaks English; Liam Neeson kicks ass, just not so good at sprinting. JJ

Wild Style – 1983 – Charlie Ahearn

I’m tentative when it comes to cult classics because they can be more disappointing than New Year’s celebrations. Wild Style is however, enjoyable; the acting is awful, but it has the effect of buttressing the street cred of the ramshackle street artists and the music alone makes it worth watching, JJ

Shake Hands with the Devil – 2007 – Roger Spottiswoode

Forget about Hotel Rwanda and Shooting Dogs. This documentary about the Rwandan killing fields, one of the most appalling chapters in modern history, contains some very disturbing images. If one’s ever shed tears over some stupid Bollywood movie, they should be ashamed of themselves. Omid Nikfarjam

Zombie Strippers! – 2008 – Jay Lee

Ping pong balls and flesh-eating strippers led by the infamous Jenna Jameson; that should be enough not to watch it. It opens with a humourous polemic against George Bush, misleading you into thinking that it’s going to be good, but ultimately ends up as a cloaked soft-porn movie. Brian Murray

Kids -1995 – Larry Clark

First time I saw Kids I thought ‘what a fucking pedestrian adolescence I had.’ The two main kids are like disciples of Gordon Gekko, except pussy is their holy grail and not profit. For sure it’s despondent, it’s dirty, and the characters are beyond reach. Maybe it’s just a slice of NYC. JJ