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Hell’s Kitchen 4 -2008 – Reality? TV

Contestants had less personality than previous seasons; great to see that bitch Jen  get hers. The ultimate winner was a disappointment; ended with an amiable final episode too.  Has Hell’s Kitchen started to lose some of it’s sparkle? Brian Murray


Wild Style – 1983 – Charlie Ahearn

I’m tentative when it comes to cult classics because they can be more disappointing than New Year’s celebrations. Wild Style is however, enjoyable; the acting is awful, but it has the effect of buttressing the street cred of the ramshackle street artists and the music alone makes it worth watching, JJ

Rang de Basanti – 2006 – Rakesh Omprakash Mehra

Five friends, who are revolutionary fighters, are caught up in the battle to free India from the British Raj in the 1920s. They extend the struggle to fight corruption and for a new and better way of life. A very powerful movie. Neha Kumar

Vivah – 2006 – Sooraj R. Barjatya

A simple, honest and graceful movie. While some may complain that this movie is sickly sentimental, I thought it beautifully reflects India’s culture and traditions in a touching manner. Maybe women would enjoy this more than men as it’s a regular family drama! Neha Kumar

The Player -1992 – Robert Altman

Player is Altman’s attempt to satirize and mock Hollywood. He’s exorcised virtually all Hollywood and what it represents in this very funny and watchable movie. If there were ever one master of parody in American cinema, it was certainly Robert Altman. Omid Nikfarjam

Dan in Real Life – 2007 – Peter Hedges

Starring Steve Carell as an ‘Agony Uncle’ – who dishes out tales of caution and morality – as a single parent. He falls for his brother’s girlfriend, falls foul of his siblings, and children, and realizes that he is not the perfect person, or parent that he always wrote about in his column. There’s a moral in there somewhere. Brian Murray

David Simon – the man who remoulded Baltimore

Given the weekend with a little time to read, Atlantic Monthly profiles the creator of HBO series The Wire (now in its final season). It is one of the most critically acclaimed shows ever to make it to television – it’s gritty, cynical, clever, vicious, myopic and compelling. Creator and former hack David Simon is more or less the same. Well worth reading.