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The Fighter – 2010 – David O. Russell

A working class boxer beset by his working class family tries to succeed in the world of professional boxing despite his crack addict-trainer brother who once knocked out Sugar Ray. Based on a true story. Brian Murray

When I think boxing and movies it goes something like “den-nen den, den-nen den” followed by running up the steps of that Museum in Philly in a tracksuit – not crack and Massachusetts white trash. Sweet camera work, great cast and punching. Poi-fect. JJ


127 Hours – 2010 – Danny Boyle

This is a movie about a mountain climber who got his hand caught between a rock and a crevice in a canyon. Come on Danny, an hour and a half… Brian Murray

Wolf Creek – 2005 – Greg Mclean

89m.jpgSet in Australia – apparently about true events. Two English female friends and an Aussie bloke set out on a road trip with the usual aims of seeing the outback, getting drunk, and having sex; all seem to get accomplished. That is until they meet this strange but friendly Aussie who offers to fix their car for free. Is it too good to be true? I don’t know… you tell me. Brian Murray

Talk to Me – 2007 – Kasi Lemmons

10m12.jpgIt’s the civil rights era in the US and African-American Petey Green (Don Cheadle), an ex-con with the gift of the gab, lands his dream job as a radio DJ. This true story of his eventual rise to fame as inspirational civil rights figure was done with just the right amount of humour, sensitivity and style.

Cristina Pittelli 

Savage Grace – 2007 – Tom Kalin

savage_grace.jpgThis is a true story, a book and now a shite film. A family of New York WASPs journey between the leisure spots favoured by European WASPs (Paris, London, Mallorca, the Riviera). The rest is incest, murder, threesomes, adultery, attempted suicide, sodomy. A tale of dysfunction and decadence. Only fit for a French audience.