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After Sex – 2007 – Eric Amadio

2002912227954374937_rsAfter sex comes the seriousness, or comedy, or fighting or reality. This is a low budget comedy that uses sex, or the moments afterward, to focus on the relationships of eight different couples. Cliched at times it’s a reasonable diet of light entertainment with potential and some minor laughs. Entertaining.


The Savages – 2007 – Tamara Jenkins

savagesWhen Lenny Savage’s wife dies, he is thrust upon his two wayward, screwed up children. By then the family has grown apart and resentment is all that remains in this tragi-comedy. However, his kids, played excellently by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney are forced to overcome their resentment and finally start living like adults. JJ

Happiness – 1998 – Todd Solondz

If anything Solondz portrays the pursuit of happiness as a poisoned chalice. The themes are often grimacing and make for difficult viewing; pedophilia, sexual gratification, anomie. Some memorable individual performances and scenes but Solondz shies away from tackling the fall out and disappointments of trying to capture something as elusive as happiness. JJ

Knocked Up – 2007 – Judd Apatow

An implausible matching between Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl. He dumps his junk in her, doesn’t remember it and low and behold she’s up the duff. They try to be the good parents and continue to fall in and out of love for the rest of the movie. Full of it. Brian Murray

In Bruges – 2008 – Martin McDonagh

Two Irish hit men waiting for the call that will tell them about their next job; turns out it’s no ordinary job. Very funny and witty and bitter, In Bruges is about friendship and sticking to principles. Oh, just in case you don’t know, “fucking Bruges is in Belgium!” Omid Nikfarjam

Some great lines in this black comedy that kick political correctness in the nuts. Good to see Colin Farrell act within his expertise and avoid Hollywood temptations, that’s if they even come knocking any more. I think Martin McDonagh will outweigh and outlast Guy Ritchie if he continues with this form. JJ

Superbad – 2007 – Greg Mottola

A very funny high school movie with McLouvin, the greatest character since Stiffler. McLouvin is entrusted with the responsibility of buying the booze for a party with the jocks when a robbery of the booze shop turns his life from bad to superbad. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera make up a great pair of idiot geeks. Brian Murray

Tropic Thunder – 2008 – Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller’s latest comedy is a mixed bag of laughs and groans, pity it’s all a bit formulaic. A star studded cast is plonked in the middle of Vietnam, and have to act their way out of the jungle, while the script is being rewritten. Watch it for the hilarious opening trailers. JJ