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Searching for Bobby Fischer – 1993 – Steven Zaillian

An endearing look at a little boy’s precocious chess talent interwoven with the larger-than-life tale of chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer. For a ‘based-on-a-true story’ flick threads a fine path between senetinmentality and drama. Superbly acted by the kid and a great supporting cast. One for all the family.

Unstoppable – 2010 – Tony Scott

A train without a driver carrying explosive material takes a scenic trip through Pennsylvania only to be rescued by Denzel and friends. I thought it would be a train wreck, but it turns out it wasn’t:) Brian Murray

Ghetto Stories – 2010 – John McDougall

A movie, surprisingly, about black people in the ghetto. Selling drugs, “fronting,” driving Escalades, being in gangs, taking drugs, calling each other ‘bitches’ and ‘niggas’. Unoriginal, and a waste of time. Go cut the grass. Brian Murray

Exit Through the Gift Shop – 2010 – Banksy?

For his latest piece Banksy has created an ‘artist’. And he’s shit, but that’s hardly the point. As maddening as this film might be for an artist with something worth painting, it’s worth looking at for shits, giggles and post-modern moans. JJ

Wall Street:Money Never Sleeps – 2010 – Oliver Stone

Gekko returns and inevtibaly greed does and predictably it divides and conquers. For Stone it seems Wall Street is just an extension of the family; a hotbed of manipulation, moral hazards and meltdowns. The result is cliched crap with a Hollywood ending. I`d rather watch the ISEQ index of shares. JJ

The Social Network – 2010 – David Fincher

I like Facebook as much as I enjoy other peoples’ holiday diarrhoea stories but Fincher pulled off an unexpected and thoroughly entertaining hit with this reconstruction of the bitchy beginnings of the world’s most popular website. And Mark Zuckerburg doesn’t come off too bad; I might even send the über nerd a friend request.JJ

Watchmen – 2009 – Zack Snyder

watchmenThe longest three hours of my life; it should have been cut in half, or never made at all. The convoluted and unraveling plot spins all over these barely likable characters, not to mention the digital blue cock and balls all the way through the movie. (Brian gave it three expletives) Brian Murray