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Freakonomics – 2010 – Various Directors

Pop economics served up in a slick power point documentary by smarmy talking heads with non-stop smarmy elevator music throughout.  Considering this is a lecture mostly dealing with incentives, I can’t justifiably concoct one to recommend spending 90 minutes staring at this waiting for it to finish. JJ


Exit Through the Gift Shop – 2010 – Banksy?

For his latest piece Banksy has created an ‘artist’. And he’s shit, but that’s hardly the point. As maddening as this film might be for an artist with something worth painting, it’s worth looking at for shits, giggles and post-modern moans. JJ

Shake Hands with the Devil – 2007 – Roger Spottiswoode

Forget about Hotel Rwanda and Shooting Dogs. This documentary about the Rwandan killing fields, one of the most appalling chapters in modern history, contains some very disturbing images. If one’s ever shed tears over some stupid Bollywood movie, they should be ashamed of themselves. Omid Nikfarjam

The Bridge – 2006 – Eric Steel


Eric Steel’s documentary examines the post card perfect Golden Gate Bridge as a suicide jumper’s paradise. Does the camera go too far following a jumper plunging to his death? Are such sequences a bridge too far? This is a documentary first about filming taboos and mental health secondly. JJ

When We Were Kings – 1996 – Leon Gast

36m.jpgFacts sink if they don’t have context to buoy them. This documentary provides the context to not only the greatest boxing match in history, but around larger issues of civil rights, black pride, African pride and marketing of athletes. Ali vs Foreman. Saviour vs Uncle Tom. The Rumble in the Jungle.

William Hilderbrandt

A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash – 2006 – Basil Gelpke/Ray McCormack

cover_image.jpgThe medium may be overburdened but the message is serious; ‘dude where’s the oil gone?’ ‘Awakening’ tackles the question of what next after the most ‘invaluable natural resource’ runs out. Stacked with harbingers entreating the viewer to consider the possibility that future generations will travel no further than the corner shop. Enlightening if overwrought.

SiCKO – 2007 – Michael Moore

In America it seems everything has a price so why not health? In Sicko the maelstrom that is Michael Moore Inc. tackles the hugely profitable (and deathly) U.S. health care system. As with all Moore films it’s: polemical, farcical, funny, poignant, teary, melodramatic, but shows signs of a mellowing Moore too.