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Bolt – 2008 – Howard & Williams

walt_disney_s_bolt_movie_image__1_1An animation that seems suspiciously similar to Toy Story, but is nowhere near as good. A superhero dog thinks he’s really real, but after a trip to the big city he realises he’s really not. Then he has to save his leading lady, so is he really a hero? You’ll have to wait and see! Brian Murray


Wall-E – 2008 – Andrew Stanton

A rip-off of the charming Johnny-5 from Short Circuit; this is a film firmly for the kids. Simple themes: good versus evil, and love. Can’t argue with that. Cute, but surely not worth much attention. Brian Murray

It’s 2700 and global warming has turned Earth into a wasteland, abandoned by all but adorable robot Wall-E and his cockroach best friend. Life is mundane until a super-sleek fembot is sent out to find signs of life. Despite Disney’s obvious capitalisation of ‘going green,’ the film is irresistibly cute. Cristina Pittelli

Happy Feet – 2006 – George Miller


Taking up where March of the Penguins left off Hollywood gets one more play from the century’s most overused celluloid creatures. Mambo is an Antarctic outcast who much like Billy Elliot eventually wins everyone, especially his father’s approval, by dancing on ice. Cheesy ending to a cheese filled movie. Minus 10. JJ

Spirited Away – 2001 – Hayao Miyazaki

22m.jpgA film from Japan’s most famous animation director. Miyazaki’s affluent imagination produced this fantastic world, with lots of weird, scary, funny, and cute characters throughout the film. If you’ve seen this film before, I believe you still remember Yubaba. She is unforgettable!!!

The Simpsons Movie – 2007 – David Silverman

10m5.jpgSpringfield is a polluted mess and Homer makes things worse by turning the town into an ecological disaster zone. The US government seal off Springfield with a dome, Homer becomes enemy number one, and then tries to save the day. Good enough entertainment-wise but lacks the depth and genius of the original series.
Cristina Pittelli

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – 1988 – Robert Zemeckis

whof.gifAmbivalent like film noir, funny as a cartoon was meant to be, and complex as a film should be. Warner Bros and Disney characters alongside live actors. The only time I have ever wanted to shag an animal – Jessica Rabbit makes Angelina Jolie look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
William Hilderbrandt

Thomas and the Magic Railroad – 2000 – Britt Allcroft

65m.jpgFor over 20 years Thomas has been a legend of the tracks – he was the Tom Cruise of acting trains. Then Alec Baldwin got on board and they steamrolled on to the big screen. It was a train ride too far. His return journey to TV is where he belongs.