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The Fighter – 2010 – David O. Russell

A working class boxer beset by his working class family tries to succeed in the world of professional boxing despite his crack addict-trainer brother who once knocked out Sugar Ray. Based on a true story. Brian Murray

When I think boxing and movies it goes something like “den-nen den, den-nen den” followed by running up the steps of that Museum in Philly in a tracksuit – not crack and Massachusetts white trash. Sweet camera work, great cast and punching. Poi-fect. JJ


Che: Part One – 2008 – Steven Soderbergh

mv5bmti2mzi3mzu2ml5bml5banbnxkftztcwntc2ndkxmg_v1_sx94_sy140_The first in a two part biopic based on Ernesto Guevara’s writings, this is possibly the most tedious film you’ll see in 2009. Dull, overwrought and intractable it’s as if Soderbergh is punishing the audience for tacitly accepting Che as a fashion icon emblazoned on a million white T-Shirts. JJ

Elizabeth: The Golden Age – 2007 – Shekhar Kapur

10m4.jpgQueen Elizabeth versus the Spanish Armada. The Queen (Cate Blanchett) is resplendent – Philip II of Spain is lame and stupid. Enter Sir Walter Raleigh -half Tarzan, half Superman – kamikazes the Spanish fleet. Wooden dialogue – waste of seven quid.
Mario Alemi

Into the Wild – 2007 – Sean Penn

10m10.jpgMost men like their money; the odd one prefers wild berries. Sean Penn brings to the silver screen the beguiling true story of ‘Alexander Supertramp’ who turned his back on civilisation, for a peripatetic and often penniless existence. Drawn out but beautifully shot with a soulful soundtrack. Therapy in celluloid.