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A Prophet – 2009 – Jacques Audiard

If film reviews are sometimes a roll call of adjectives then A Prophet is grim, brutal, brilliant. The eponymous prophet,  a Machievellian prototype,  serving six years in a Paris jail, gets played and plays.  The soundtrack, plot, production and acting – all magnifique. Audiard just gets better.  More please. JJ


Animal Kingdom – 2010 – David Michôd

There’s a rare quality to this bleak and violent Australian drama about a teenager who moves in with his aunt’s fucked-up family following his mother’s death from an overdose.  All manner of shit happens, and yet AK straddles a fine line, somehwere between a dream and a nightmare. Watch it. JJ

The Kids Are Alright – 2010 – Lisa Cholodenko

The kids are alright but the adults are screwed up. A lesbian couple and their teenage kids’ become entangled with the kids sperm donor father in a frank and funny depiction of 21st century family life. Messy and triumphant, just like any family. One to watch. JJ

Exit Through the Gift Shop – 2010 – Banksy?

For his latest piece Banksy has created an ‘artist’. And he’s shit, but that’s hardly the point. As maddening as this film might be for an artist with something worth painting, it’s worth looking at for shits, giggles and post-modern moans. JJ

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – 2008 – Woody Allen

vcbAn unconvincing and largely unfunny comedy, if only Woody Allen would stop and be content with the canon of work he has created. It was good when it was in New York, sometimes it was great – Bullets Over Broadway. But a muse doesn’t make a movie, even if she is drop dead gorgeous. JJ

Alice in the Cities – 1974 – Wim Wenders

30032-large2A charming and effortless road movie which sees the eponymous Alice, a nine-year-old girl, entrusted to a bewildered German journalist returning home from the US after an unsuccessful assignment. The pair have a lovely on-screen relationship and Wender’s fascination for trains, planes and monorails is marvellous. JJ

Together/Tillsammans – 2000 – Lukas Moodysson

26m1.jpgLooking at life and love in a hippy commune in 1970s Sweden, Together is the embodiment of Scandinavian unpretentiousness: narrated with an air of casualness and humour, this tale is all the more charming for not trying to be cute. As natural and free as Pippi Longstocking.
Sabine Wolf