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The Fantastic Mr. Fox – 2009 – Wes Anderson

Some screamed blasphemy over this Roald Dahl adaptation but having never read the book I can only sing praise for this stop-animation masterpiece. Anderson nails everything about this – pacing, script, dialogue, and even the voices: Clooney, Streep, Schwartzman and Murray. I watched and re-watched…my favourite from 2009.  Bill Hill


Despicable Me – 2010 – Pierre Coffin, Chris Renaud

Very cute and funny animation about the world’s biggest villain being outvillained and his quest to outvillain the outvillainer with his dastardly plan to shrink the moon. Along the way he learns there’s more to life than shrinking the moon. Brian Murray

Toy Story 3 – 2010 – Lee Unkrich

Toy Story 3 was my first introduction to Woody et al. and it confirms what I always suspected; toys, penguins, pigs, they are all pretend people. The existential, but unanswered, question implicit in TS3 is, “Is it okay to bring toys to college?” Despite not crying, good story and great animation. JJ

Watchmen – 2009 – Zack Snyder

watchmenThe longest three hours of my life; it should have been cut in half, or never made at all. The convoluted and unraveling plot spins all over these barely likable characters, not to mention the digital blue cock and balls all the way through the movie. (Brian gave it three expletives) Brian Murray

Bolt – 2008 – Howard & Williams

walt_disney_s_bolt_movie_image__1_1An animation that seems suspiciously similar to Toy Story, but is nowhere near as good. A superhero dog thinks he’s really real, but after a trip to the big city he realises he’s really not. Then he has to save his leading lady, so is he really a hero? You’ll have to wait and see! Brian Murray