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Searching for Bobby Fischer – 1993 – Steven Zaillian

An endearing look at a little boy’s precocious chess talent interwoven with the larger-than-life tale of chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer. For a ‘based-on-a-true story’ flick threads a fine path between senetinmentality and drama. Superbly acted by the kid and a great supporting cast. One for all the family.


The Killer Inside Me – 2010 – Michael Winterbottom

Winterbottom sets off a shit storm with that scene – extreme violence meets Jessica Alba’s pretty face – and the camera never looks away. Casey Affleck is a piece of work as Texas lawman Lou Ford who kills the things he loves, but he can’t explain it and neither can the film. JJ

Freakonomics – 2010 – Various Directors

Pop economics served up in a slick power point documentary by smarmy talking heads with non-stop smarmy elevator music throughout.  Considering this is a lecture mostly dealing with incentives, I can’t justifiably concoct one to recommend spending 90 minutes staring at this waiting for it to finish. JJ

127 Hours – 2010 – Danny Boyle

This is a movie about a mountain climber who got his hand caught between a rock and a crevice in a canyon. Come on Danny, an hour and a half… Brian Murray

Green Zone – 2010 – Paul Greengrass

Time Magazine called Green Zone the eight best film of 2010. More like 156th. Greengrass casts his go-to-guy Matt Damon as an army brass who suspects there is more to the second Iraq war than WMDs. A poor companion to Hurt Locker, In the Valley of Elah and especially Generation Kill.JJ

The Social Network – 2010 – David Fincher

I like Facebook as much as I enjoy other peoples’ holiday diarrhoea stories but Fincher pulled off an unexpected and thoroughly entertaining hit with this reconstruction of the bitchy beginnings of the world’s most popular website. And Mark Zuckerburg doesn’t come off too bad; I might even send the über nerd a friend request.JJ

Quantum of Solace – 2008 – Marc Foster

bondTake one clean shaven spy, two sultry chicks, endless car, plane and boat chases, mix in some exotic locations, vendettas, diminutive villains, public transport, touchscreen technology, the CIA, – and Canadian intelligence, who knew? – shake it all up and you have yourself another Bond installment. No classic, but it goes down okay. JJ