Monthly Archives: February 2009

The Genius Club – 2006 – Timothy A. Chey

mv5bntk4mjcynzq3ml5bml5banbnxkftztcwmtm1nji0mq_v1_sx100_sy134_An intellectual thriller, debatably, about the greatest American brains gathered together to play a game with a nuke-wielding sociopath in order to save humanity, or at least the US. It does, however, deal with a lot of contemporary issues, while the “ostriches” of this world bury their heads in the sand. Brian Murray


After Sex – 2007 – Eric Amadio

2002912227954374937_rsAfter sex comes the seriousness, or comedy, or fighting or reality. This is a low budget comedy that uses sex, or the moments afterward, to focus on the relationships of eight different couples. Cliched at times it’s a reasonable diet of light entertainment with potential and some minor laughs. Entertaining.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona – 2008 – Woody Allen

vcbAn unconvincing and largely unfunny comedy, if only Woody Allen would stop and be content with the canon of work he has created. It was good when it was in New York, sometimes it was great – Bullets Over Broadway. But a muse doesn’t make a movie, even if she is drop dead gorgeous. JJ

Alice in the Cities – 1974 – Wim Wenders

30032-large2A charming and effortless road movie which sees the eponymous Alice, a nine-year-old girl, entrusted to a bewildered German journalist returning home from the US after an unsuccessful assignment. The pair have a lovely on-screen relationship and Wender’s fascination for trains, planes and monorails is marvellous. JJ