Monthly Archives: November 2008

Body of Lies – 2008 – Ridley Scott

bodyTwo CIA operatives (Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio) create an elaborate proxy terrorist organisation to ensnare a Bin-Laden like terror chief blowing up Europe. This is what the movie should have been entirely about, instead this subplot gets lost in a bombastic and muddled action thriller, that Scott get’s half right. JJ


Taken – 2008 – Pierre Morel

taken-20081Liam Neeson is a dad on a mission to save his teenage daughter who is befriended by a cute French man, kidnapped by greasy haired Albanians, sold to a devious but polite capitalist and auctioned as a sex slave to gluttonous Arabs. Everyone in Paris speaks English; Liam Neeson kicks ass, just not so good at sprinting. JJ

The Savages – 2007 – Tamara Jenkins

savagesWhen Lenny Savage’s wife dies, he is thrust upon his two wayward, screwed up children. By then the family has grown apart and resentment is all that remains in this tragi-comedy. However, his kids, played excellently by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney are forced to overcome their resentment and finally start living like adults. JJ

Eagle Eye – 2008 – D.J. Caruso

Blend in 2001: A Space Odyssey, Terminator, and The Man Who Knew Too Much and you get the biggest lie Hollywood’s ever produced from the director and actor of Disturbia. The problem is they take themselves too seriously, or else it would be fun to watch! Omid Nikfarjam