The Dark Knight – 2008 – Christopher Nolan

Christian Bale as Batman, Heath Ledger as the Joker, Michael Caine as Alfred, Aaron Eckhart Harvey Dent/Two-Face; Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, flawless. Maybe, maybe not, but a great action movie, with lovable rogues. Brian Murray

Having reinvented the Dark Knight with Batman Begins, director Christopher Nolan lets go of the reins somewhat with his follow up. Heath Ledger as the Joker is the definitive villain archetype. The action is excellent, when it comes, and while it is long it’s most definitely one you got to watch. JJ

In a word: overrated. The movie is well-produced; but the paltry subplots, laughable dialogue, and Batman’s voice (sounds like Freddy Kruger) are disappointing. Ledger was great but Oscar-worthy? There’s too much moralistic drivel to say this movie is really dark. Nonetheless, is a movie good just because it is dark? William Hilderbrandt


One response to “The Dark Knight – 2008 – Christopher Nolan

  1. Skylark of America

    Preferably, for everyone who isn’t a viral marketer, the next Batman will have a better, relevant, screenplay, a better director and better actors, especially as Batman. The major complaint, obviously, was the terrible, yet overhyped, movie, the atrocious directing, and the terrible, badly-cast, gay actors. If this were imdb there would be more viral marketers here. They’re like the cheap hustler telemarketers and telephone technical support of internet media. The next Batman movie needs to be just plain better. Meaning, NO BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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